Hello, it is Brent again. How was the long weekend? Did you go out anywhere?
I hope you could get out and enjoy the extra time with friends and family.

Today I wanted to introduce a game to our readers. Last class in Zebra English club we played 「Shichinarabe」or "7 in a line" in English. We are studying time so this game works perfectly. When you put a card down, you just say the time. When you put down a 6, you say "six o'clock" and so on.

For older people we can make other sentences with time. For example, when you put an eight down, you could say something like:

"I watch TV at 8 o'clock." Or
"I took a bath at 8 yesterday." Or
"I was watching TV at 8 o'clock."

As you can see, there is a lot of potential with this game. And the rules are easy. And the students/kids love the game. I highly recommend you try it at home.

Good luck!

10/12 Brent