Entrance exams!

Today, we are holding the exams for potential junior high students. In fact, some of our Zebra students are taking the tests today! Good luck!!
A lot of kids don't like taking these tests. And some kids don't really like to study very much and they don't like sitting down to read a book or watch TV shows or play games. How can you help these kids get better scores for studying English or other subjects?
You can try to use English when playing games outside. Instead of saying 「よーい、ドン!」, you can say things like: "Ready, set, go!"
You can say, "I win!" or "I lost." Have them say things like, "I'm first!" or "I'm second" or "My turn" and "Your turn."
For older kids, or once they're used to doing that, have them say things like: faster and slower and higher or lower.
Are there any games that you would like to see played in English so that you can do those at home? Leave a comment so that we can see if we can make some pictures or videos for you.

2/1 Brent