English words

It's summertime but it's almost finished. There seems to be a lot of cicadas making noise in the trees. Speaking of cicadas, have you ever noticed that lots of boys sure love bugs. Some girls too, but not that many.
And when kids like something, they sure do get a lot of information about that. They learn so much and they learn so fast. If your son (or daughter) likes bugs, how about you teaching him some of the words in English.

Here's a quick list of sample words:
Dig, burrow, nocturnal, feed, wings, antenna, lifespan, lay eggs, nest

Can you do this with something else that your children are interested in? Do they like swimming or cheerleading or playing basketball? Are they interested in trains or vehicles? Do they spend all their time playing video games?

If it's something they are interested in, they just might pick up the English words much more quickly.

8/30 Brent