English everywhere

Hello everyone!

Have you ever noticed how curious children are? We can use that curiosity to help teach them so much. Sometimes it can feel like it's too much but, if we use that curiosity well, we can have good quality time with our kids and they can learn a lot.

To help your children with English, help them see English words around them. There are many items and places with English. You can start with having them tell you the letters. Then, you can look up the word on your phone or iPad.

Some examples are:
On clothes, what does the S, and the M, and the L stand for?
Introduce them to the words often used in math class like milliliter and milligram.
We know the answers (now as adults) but younger students often do not know.

But please note that sometimes the words might not make much sense. And sometimes it's an honest mistake with spelling.

If you start with them when they are young, it will be much easier for them when they get to junior high and high school. Please use their curiosity and have some fun!