Driving Bingo

Hello everyone,

Last week I introduced a treasure hunt walk. I hope it was helpful. I hope you are still practicing social distancing. Here is another idea for those of you who need to get out of the house a little bit and give the children something to do besides watching videos and playing games on phones or other devices (Switch, etc).

How about a BINGO game? Here are two easy versions/suggestions. I will start with the easiest.
Have the kids make a bingo sheet with English letters. Then, as you drive along, if they can see a letter, they can cross it off. Who gets Bingo first? Who has more Bingos?

Try the same with items. Learn the names for common things (and maybe a few that are not common), like trees, bus, bus stop, mailbox, flag, and so on. Then, when they see them and say the words, they can cross off (or circle) the word.

20200430 bingo.jpg

(Of course, for the alphabet, you can do the same with Japanese hiragana or katakana but because there are more of them it is harder to get a BINGO. That is good for older kids but maybe not as good for younger kids. But it might be something to try!)

We hope you all stay safe and can keep a positive outlook.

Take care!