April 21st

This was our second Tuesday class of the new academic year. We have a new student with us this year and we also had a visitor on the first day. For today's class, it turned into a private lesson for the new girl as the other members could not attend.

1. Conversation warm up
2. Song (How is the weather?)
3. Vocabulary - Colors and shapes, numbers, animals
4. "This is a ~" (Review) and "That is a ~" pattern practice
5. Concentration "That is a ---." (Last week was "This is a~.")
6. UNO - "That is a ~"

1. 挨拶と会話でスタートしました
2. 歌を歌いました「How is the weather?」
3. 単語を練習しました(形、色、番号、動物) 
4. 単語を使って「これは~・あれは~」を勉強しました 
5. 神経衰弱「あれは~です」のゲームをやりました
6. UNOもやりました「あれは~です」


❐❐❐ 英会話クラブからのごあんない ❐❐❐




時間: 16:00~16:50

対象: 小学1~3年生

担当: ブレント・リーガン先生

まずは無料体験レッスンをお試しくださいね(^o^)/ ※4月28日(火)、5月5日(火)はお休みとなります



ご了承くださいm(_ _)m






■■■ ピーター先生のブログ ■■■

Hi again everyone!

Welcome to the new school year! Some new friends have joined our club, I hope we can have lots of fun together!
This time, we played games to try and remember a lot of vocabulary, and then starting to use "this" and "that". "This is a pen", but "That is a book". We also practiced asking questions using "this" and "that". I hope we can use these words more next week!
See you next time!

Lower Elementary Group:
1: Introductions - simple questions, using the map, what colour do you like? What food do you like?
2: Days of the week practice
3: This and That practice
4: "This and That" card game

Upper Elementary Group:
1: Introduction interviews, also using "He" and "She"
2: Days of the week practice for new students
3: This and that and asking questions
4: "Go fish!" card game


≪ 4月1日(水) ≫



Tuesday Feb 17th



※新年度は 4月14日(火)16:00~16:50 からスタートします!

1. Conversation
2. Song (I can. Can you?)
3. Vocabulary - verbs/actions
4. Can/can't worksheet
5. Can you? Challenge part 2
6. UNO "I can (can't) put down a card."

1. 最初に挨拶と会話の練習をしました
2. 歌を歌いました 
3. 単語を練習しました(四季と天気) 
4, 「出来る」と「出来ない」のプリントを動詞の単語使って簡単な文章を作りました 
5. チャレンジゲームをやりました。
6. UNOやりながら、カードを「出せる」・「出せない」を英語で言えるように練習しました

Do you? Can you? Do you want to?


This week at Zebra English Club we practiced action words, and how we can change the meaning with "can" and "want to". For the lower elementary students the vocabulary was quite simple, using eat, play, drink and simple related words, but the upper elementary group expanded into more advance words and verbs. It was a great exercise, and very useful!

Lower elementary group
1. Introduction questions, Cookie Jar game
2. Action words and "can"
3.Twister game

Upper elementary group
1. Introduction interviews
2. Action words, expanded vocabulary
3. "can", "do", and "want to" game

今週(先週)のレッスンでは、動作を表す単語を学習しました。そのなかで「can」と「want to」の使い方も勉強しました。低学年クラスでは、「食べる」「遊ぶ」「飲む」といった簡単な関係する言葉を使いましたよ。
高学年クラスでは、よりたくさんの事前に学習した単語と動詞を使いました。 とても良い訓練になり、役に立ちましたよ!

Write it well!


This week at Zebra English Club, we used new tools to help with our English writing skills! We wrote the alphabet, then looked for action words around the classroom and wrote them too! It was great!
The upper elementary group also described their weekly routines and how often they do things. Then they talked about each other's schedule!
Great work, see you next week!

Lower elementary group:
1) Interview questions, Me and 'you'
2) Alphabet and verbs
3) Writing practice: Alphabet and verbs
4) Game

Upper elementary group:
1) Interview questions
2) Weather revision
3) Schedules, Days of week and Always, sometimes, often, never
4) Verbs and nouns
5) Game


Tuesday January 20th


Today we continued to study about weather, seasons and months and days.

1. Conversation
2. Song (What's the weather like today?)
3. Vocabulary - Seasons and weather
4. Bomb game
5. Matching game...Today is~. Yesterday was~. Tomorrow will be~.
6. Twister

1. 最初に挨拶と会話をしました
2. 歌を歌いました「What's the weather like today?」
3. 単語の練習をしました (四季と天気) 
4. 単語を言いながら「爆弾」を避けるゲームをしました 
5. 「昨日・今日・明日」を使ったゲームをしました
6. 「ツイスター」をしました 

Happy New Year!

≪ 1月9日(金) ≫

We started the new year well at Zebra English Club! First, we remembered many of the simple things we know, and then we sang a song about the weather. Next, we played a new game, using the words for hands, feet, and simple colours! It was really fun, and everyone enjoyed it!
See you next Friday!

Lower elementary group:
1.Introduction questions and quickfire words
2.Weather and song
3.Hands, feet, colours, twister game!

Upper elementary group:
1.Introduction interviews
2.weather, seasons
3.Twister game, advanced rules!


1) 授業の最初に英語の質問と単語を早く言う練習をしました
2) お天気と歌を歌いました
3) ゲーム(ツイスター)で楽しみました

1) 授業の最初に英語でインタビューをしました
2) お天気と季節の単語を復習しました
3) ゲーム(ツイスター※高学年ルール)で楽しみました







① 金曜クラス

 2015年 1月9日(金) から

② 火曜クラス

 2015年 1月13日(火) から

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