Enjoy your summer!

Hello everyone,
It is now summer time for most kids around Japan. That means there is no school for most of them. We often call this "summer break" in North America.
When we take this break, it is a break from traditional, formal school. It is not a break from learning. Too often, we focus on public school learning. We think that we must be doing "school" for our kids to learn. Or, that our kids will forget what we teach them if we take a break.

But that is not true!

Kids are learning every day. They will learn through the summer holidays, too! And you can help them. How can they learn?

- Library Summer Reading Club
- Field Trips
- Daily reading aloud as a family
- Baking, Sewing, Cleaning (yes, this involves learning)
- Special projects
- Science kits
- Art projects
- Asking questions at meal times

That's just a short list of activities. Each one involves learning. It's a different kind of learning. it's real life learning. It's not formal learning, but it is still learning. And you can add an English element to all of these if you wish. Pick up an English book at the library. Watch an English movie. Try cooking in English. There is so much you can do. You and your kids can learn together. Doesn't that sound fun?!
Good luck! Enjoy your summer!

7/26 Brent