Children's natural curiosity

Children are always curious about things. They want to learn what it is and why it happens that way. We can use that so that they can learn so much more. We can help them notice different things. Some children get a little tired of learning though, so we can do this in a fun way.
For example, what does the S stand for (mean) when you have a shirt or another piece of clothing?
As adults we know it means "small." But you can use other words like "stinky" (臭い) or "sumo size" or whatever you can think of.
What about the L? Did you know the P is actually French? It doesn't stand for "pirate" or "pajama" size. Ha ha.
There are many places you can see this. Another few examples are:
B1F on an elevator
LTD on a company sign
ml on a bottle

There are so many places to have fun learning about language. And if we use jokes when we do it, us adults can enjoy it too!

9/6 Brent