Another treasure hunt suggestion

Hello everyone,

How are you doing? Are you finding ways to enjoy all this family time together? I hope so. Our focus and our attitudes and the ways we decide to spend our time will possibly have a long term, lasting effect within our families and specifically our kids.

There are many great ideas coming out now for ways to spend our time. For the last two weeks we have suggested being more aware of our surroundings and using that as a springboard for enjoyable learning. Here is another suggestion for the treasure hunt idea.

For many many students who have had some kind of homework assigned to them, they were mostly asked to study Japanese, math and maybe English. From what I have seen and heard, very few schools have asked or given homework for content related to science. How about learning the names of plants or animals (mainly birds right now)? Then try the treasure hunt or the Bingo game with these items. You can do it while you walk, while you drive, or while you watch a TV show! What plants or animals appear on the screen?

With the right mind set, this free time becomes a great way to explore what interests your children and helps them find their unique place.

Take care!

20200507 species1.jpg